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Expansion of top Dhaka schools on cards, 200,000 seats to be added


Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal sat
in a meeting with top 10 ministries with
Annual Development Programme allocations
and those with lowest progress of
implementation on Monday.
He said he told related ministries to come up
with a plan to expand existing facilities into
15-20-storey buildings.
“Mothers cannot get their children into
renowned schools. The buildings will be
expanded to 15-20 storeys to address this
“As a result, nearly 200,000 additional
children can enrol,” Kamal said.
The minister further said rural schools would
be expanded to 3-4 storeys also and new
buildings with tiled floors would be built.
He added schools would no longer remain
closed for exams. “Necessary measures will
be taken to ensure that schools can be kept
open during exams.”
Hinting the ADP for new fiscal might be
worth Tk 1 trillion, Kamal told journalists,
“Mega projects would be allocated Tk
200-250 billion. These projects would
become visible by the end of next fiscal.”
He added evaluation visits would also have
to be stepped up to ensure quality
implementation once the ADP was increased.
The minister said the prime minister
promised to increase human resources of his
ministry’s Implementation Monitoring and
Evaluation Division (IMED).

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