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“If I am Mayor”


We welcome the youthful and inspiring pledges made by the mayoral candidates of Dhaka City Corporation to build up a modern and improved Dhaka. The mayoral candidates taking part in Prothom Alo’s “If I am the mayor” dialogue, all agreed that if Dhaka is to be made a city livable for its residents, then all political differences must be put aside and joint efforts be put forward. It is laudable that they openly said, though the mayor candidates were backed by one political party or the other, they will not adhere to party ideology in running the city administration. We hope that their pre-election determination is reflected in their post-election performances.

The majority of the participants in the dialogue were members of the younger generation. This gives hope. In presenting their plans for the city they displayed respect and goodwill towards each other. We hope that no matter who wins or loses, this political culture of tolerance is nurtured by all parties. We look to the leadership of both the major parties to encourage the young generation in this changed mindset.

It is very pleasing that the mayoral candidates of the two Dhaka city corporations, mostly new entrants on the scene, have made credible commitments to end the prevailing political animosity and hatred through tolerance and harmony. They have reassured the nation that the sun is there behind the clouds. They have spoken about a charge in the ‘winner takes all’ political trend. They have pledged not to make the Nagar Bhaban into their political office. The winners will utilise the talent of those who are defeated, forming an advisory board.

We felicitate this enlightened dialogue of the young generation on the building of a new Dhaka. We await to see this translated into concrete terms.

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