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Voter asks Mirza Abbas’ wife: ‘How would we know you will come after election?’


Dhaka South City mayor aspirant Mirza
Abbas’ wife has faced voters’ ire while
campaigning for him in old Dhaka.
They asked whether those seeking votes
would come to them after the elections.
Afroza Abbas, accompanied by BNP leaders
and activists, began Wednesday’s campaign
around 9:15am in front of the Sutrapur
Police Station.
She distributed leaflets of her husband’s
election symbol ‘mug’ among pedestrians
and shopkeepers.
Later, Afroza entered the Sutrapur Sweeper
Colony, home to city corporation cleaners.
She faced a volley of questions there.
A woman told her: “We see you only before
votes and not after that. All come to enquire
about us and seek votes. Then, they forget
“We’ll not forget you. We’ll come even after
the vote,” Afroza responded.
This prompted the women to shoot the
second question: “Construction of this
building has not been completed. Who has
enquired about it?”
Another woman asked: “How would we know
that you will come after the vote?”
When Afroza was leaving the place, one
accompanying her, said: “Abbas has done
all the development work that Dhaka has
She next went to Farashganj and Ruplal Das
At Ruplal Das Lane, an elderly woman
intercepted Afroza and demanded money for
going to the polling centre.
Abbas’ wife hugged her and sought
blessings from her.
From Ruplal Das Lane, Afroza walked to
Maola Box Road.
As she approached a group of women, one of
them told her: “One of my brothers is now
languishing in jail for his involvement with
the BNP. Another brother was forced to leave
home one and a half years back.
“What have you done for us? You haven’t
enquired about us. What is the return we get
for supporting your party?”

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