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Hasina wonders how Khaleda can canvass voters after burning scores alive


“Has the international community seen anywhere in the world such despicable act that Khaleda did like burning people alive in the name of movement?” the prime minister said.

“How can she seek votes from the people whom she burnt? She should hang her head in shame,” Hasina remarked.

Hasina was speaking in a press conference at Ganabhaban on Sunday.

She criticised the media for being ‘mum on the issue’ even though Khaleda violated city corporation polls code of conduct.

She showed a picture of a youth being pushed by a vehicle of Khaleda’s security personnel and said, “You didn’t publish this photo.”

About the attacks on Khaleda’s motorcade during campaign, she said the BNP chief was a victim of people’s wrath.

The prime minister slated the BNP chief for ‘suggesting people to take money from Awami League-backed candidates of city polls and vote on their own will’.

“She understands well how to take money. She took away money when she was in power.
She is in the habit of taking away money and cheat.”

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