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Development depends on two leaders


Interview1429802980Syed Shahidul Haque Jamal, former whip of the national parliament said that the total situation of the country is now calm and quiet. An Investment-friendly atmosphere is underway. The situation is now depending on two leaders of the two giant political parties of the country.

The former chairman of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society also said that all the political leaders have to keep the mentality of compromise with each other for the development of the country.

The expelled leader of BNP recently talked with popular online news portal in capital`s Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel on Sunday. The political talked about various issues of the ongoing situation of the country. Niaz Mahmud Sohel, Economic Correspondent of took the interview. The interview is published bellow: What are you busy with these days?

Shahidul Haque Jamal: I am busy with my business and people of my locality. Besides, I am observing the total ongoing situations of the country. How will you explain the overall situation of the country?

Shahidul Haque Jamal: The total situation of the country is now calm and quiet for now. An Investment-friendly atmosphere is underway. What do you think about the upcoming City Corporation elections?

Shahidul Haque Jamal: It will be a challenge for Election Commission and the government to hold a free and fair election. The government will be benefited if a fair election is held. The government will achieve the trust of the people through it. I hope the government will offer a fair election to the people. Have you any communication with BNP? Is there any possibility to join with BNP?

Shahidul Haque Jamal: I am no more with BNP politics. I have no interest to return to BNP. Khaleda Zia knows what my contribution was in BNP since the party formation to 2007. I want to say clearly that I am no more with BNP. Do you want to join with any other political parties?

Shahidul Haque Jamal: I am not thinking about it now. Do you want to play any role in the development in your electoral area.

Shahidul Haque Jamal: Of course. Becoming Member of the Parliament for three terms, I played an important role in the development of my locality and want to continue that. How do you continue your development works?

Shahidul Haque Jamal: I want to form a political party with some leaders and activists encouraged by Shaheed Ziaur Rahman. Discussion is underway in this regard. I hope a result will come soon. But I don`t want to say anything more about this. You are not staying in the party founded by former president Ziaur Rahman. How much do you follow his ideology?

Shahidul Haque Jamal: I stand firm in his principles but, I am no longer in the party for some opportunists. I want to say a real story in this regard. I went to Shaheed Ziaur Rahman in 1979. Then he told me, “Leaving business from Motijheel, if you come, you can join politics with me.” I promised him (Ziaur Rahman) and still I am following the words. From then, I did not go to Motijheel. I will not go there.

But, it is a matter of sorrow that business and black money earners get nomination now. Nomination paper is distributed for money which is baneful for the nation and country. Thank you so much for giving your valuable time.

Shahidul Haque Jamal: You are welcome.


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