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`Nearly 10 lakh children affected in Nepal earthquake`


nepala271430134005At least 940,000 children living in areas severely affected by Saturday`s earthquake in Nepal are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, says UNICEF on Sunday.

“The 7.9 magnitude earthquake on 25 April, and nearly 60 aftershocks, caused vast devastation across much of the country, including more than 37,000 deaths and widespread destruction of buildings,” the UNICEF report added.

Reports say, there have been reports of dwindling supplies of water and food, power outages, and downed communication networks.

Hundreds of thousands of people spent the night sleeping in open areas, out of fear of more tremors.

This crisis leaves children particularly vulnerable – limited access to safe water and sanitation will put children at great risk from waterborne diseases, while some children may have become separated from their families.

“UNICEF is mobilizing staff and emergency supplies to meet the urgent humanitarian needs of children affected by the earthquake, focusing on water and sanitation, nutrition, education and child protection,” says the report.


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