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World’s oldest man Sakari Momoi dies at 112 in Japan


old-manCC NEWS: The world’s oldest man, Japanese supercentenarian Sakari Momoi, has died in Tokyo at the age of 112.

The former high school principal and father of five children died of kidney failure in a care facility on Sunday.
He had been named the oldest man by Guinness World Records in August.

In April the world’s oldest person and oldest woman, Misao Okawa from Japan, died at the age of 117. Her titles are now held by 116-year-old American Susannah Mushatt Jones.

Susannah Mushatt Jones celebrated her 116th birthday on Monday with friends and family in New York.
Known as T to her 100 nieces and nephews – the nickname is short for “auntie” – she has said the secret to her longevity is sleep.

The oldest person who has ever lived according to Guinness was Jeanne Calment of France, who lived 122 years and 164 days. She died in August 1997.

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