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One awareness broadening communities!


Pic Mukul Chandro Roy Cultural actorsOne of the grocery shopkeepers of cherished to decline ‍all of disparity and disgrace from senior citizen in our societies. All of his spending time at the grocery he put on attempt to older people of his surroundings and the community peoples.

He discusses with his community peoples who are the older people and their contribution in our families, societies, and our country. What is the older people’s rights and why we should necessitate to ensuring older peoples? As a young man and women what do responsibilities and duties should be done for us when we are gotten at the time of older age line? All of his free times he deserves with the older rights issue and their respecters.

He is not unknown to his community. He is a cultural actor of root level area of dinajpur. His name is Mr. Mukul Chondra Mondol (42) the leader of the cultural group’s of Gokul Chetona Natto Dall, Aladipur, Phulbari, Dinajpur. He is well known to his community as a pioneer of promote older issue. He is a cultural actor of Promoting the Rights of Older People and Influencing Policy through Cultural Campaigning and Media Work-Project. Now he is known to the community as envier of ensuring older people’s rights at Aladipur Union in his local areas surroundings.

14 August, 2014 BOHUBRIHY team goes through the dinajpur area to intervention and   selection cultural groups and actors by local mapping. BOHUBRIHY team discussed with him and his cultural group members about how we can promote and ensure the older rights issue through cultural campaign. The cultural team involved and they were trained by the BOHUBRIHY team. At the training period Mr Muklul was said, “this training is a realistic and frame workable what is enough for sensitization on older people and why we have need authenticate their rights.”

His training is befallen accomplish at the program of Cultural Group Competition at Union level. 23 April 2015 four cultural groups of Aladipur union were participated cultural competition at union level and Mukul Chandro Mondol leader of the Gokul Chetona Natto Dall had been acting as poorest older people character in his written drama “ AKHONO ONEK BELLA AHSA’’ (There are still many littoral) .

From the more sensitization he takes initiative for the older peoples. He confirmed a special bench his grocery to sits for the senior citizen. Where is write up “ this sit is reserve only for older people”

Mr. Mukul said “ our cultural group Gokul Chetona Natto Dall was established in 2005 at Aladipur, Phulbari, Dinajpur and started our performance regarding mass awareness related issue by music and drama-show depending on local modalities and various issues. Gradually it begins to work with govt. and non-govt. organizations and include their social awareness building activities. To find out and bring together the local modalities at the working area and embrace with the older people’s rights issues. To aware the mass peoples and grass root local level administration likes union parisad representatives need to wakefulness. So, that they can play an important role to change individuals and our society according to Project’s goals and objectives.

For this several wing of cultural campaign and awareness activities of social services like Mr. Mukul could be utilized’ and shared with community peoples which could reach people and spread easily from community to community and whole the union, upazila, district and he country on the issues.

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